#63: The Deli

pastries on plate

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Though I am not currently eating a delicious deli sandwich from Corbo’s Southside Deli, I am imagining myself chowing down on one, owning my stomach with spicy mayo, cajun flavored chicken, and sliced ham on a wedge, aka “The Cardinal.” It brings me joy and happiness. My stomach thanks me for the flavorful treat, and then I sit down, relax, and enjoy feeling absolutely stuffed beyond capacity, filled up to the brim and then some. Is there much better than this feeling? I seriously doubt it.

I’ve taken both Alex and Jimmy to this place, probably my favorite deli spot in the world. Much better than Subway, no questions asked. Probably better than all the other deli restaurants you could imagine. When Jimmy went, he ordered a steak and cheese sandwich, fell in love with its gooey goodness, and wished we had gone back a second time. I wished for the same thing. When Alex went, I forget exactly what she ordered, but her face upon eating the sandwich for the first time was to die for; a picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

My first time ordering there, I was a bit intimidated by the fairly disorganized stream of order-taking. One person yells into the kitchen, another waits and responds politely. It seems as if there’s no method to this madness, but there is, and it works beautifully upon closer inspection. There is in fact a line, and when the line reaches you, you’re supposed to shout along with everyone else. If you’re not taking initiative, no one will listen to you. It’s a good allegory for life, I guess. Now, every once in a while, I’ll step onto Grubhub and order online instead, a much easier alternative to managing the hustle and bustle inside.

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