#61: The Wiki

animal ape banana cute

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com

I had just finished reading a chapter in my witcher book, The Lash Wish, when I decided to do some research. One of the characters in the story, Calanthe, had some questionable actions in the chapter, and I wanted to look up this character further, maybe understand their backstory a bit better, hopefully lending the book a bit more of an emotional impact. But upon researching Calanthe’s Witcher Wiki page, I happened upon an unexpected, shocking realization involving the different characters and how they relate to one another. I won’t bother explaining the full story here, but essentially, one of the characters who was just introduced in the chapter was a character I had already met in the game version I am playing, but under a different name. This realization, borne from the Witcher Wiki’s thoroughness of research and spoiler-heavy contents, provided me with even more interest in this book, more than I already had for it, which is saying a lot. Though I was potentially spoiled on this key detail, I felt wholly invested in the new character’s story, thanks to the power of Wikis.

One of my favorite memories from childhood is playing Neopets online and in-person, as it connected all of us awkward fifth graders together in a small, but meaningful way. I remember learning about Neopets “lore” from the Neopets Wiki, and I remember learning about World of Warcraft lore through the WoWWiki. I learned about the origins of cards and planeswalkers in Magic: the Gathering thanks to their Wiki, and I’m able to keep up with Marvel movies primarily thanks to the writers of the Marvel Wiki. Needless to say, I love these encyclopedia pages, as they represent the great power and potential of the Internet, especially in a time when the Internet (and social media) are being used to deceive and infiltrate privacy. Wikis are a golden fruit among all the rotten garbage of the Internet.

The monkey picture has no real relation to this blog post, but I hope you enjoyed it.


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