#59: Dog City

adorable blur breed close up

Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

The evolution of dog town: the urban dog environment is here. Adaptation from one stage to the next. This can only mean one thing… We have officially adopted a dog.

If you read the last entry on dogs and pets, you knew that Alex and I are (or were) applying to adopt rescue dogs from local animal shelters. All in the course of a few days, this was made possible through a series of fortunate events and outcomes. Yes, it feels wild to even be writing these words today, considering it has always been our dream to own a pet together, to bear an incredible responsibility as adults would. Whenever we saw dogs wandering outside in Commons park, we were reminded of the dog-shaped hole in our hearts, the gap growing wider as time passed. To have it filled so suddenly and perfectly is a miracle and I am incredibly thankful to have been able to experience it.

His name is Angus, named after Angus McDonald, boy detective and prominent character from The Adventure Zone podcast. Angus is a sweet, kind, brilliant young lad with a heart of gold and a naive innocence to everything he does. He matches the demeanor of a soft, playful, but harmless dog.

To say we are thrilled to have Angus in our lives is an understatement. His presence has already made days and nights spent inside feel more homely. Listening to his loud sighs, yawns, and groans throughout the day fills me with a weird, unexplainable joy. I said to Alex, on the first night with Angus, that I’m excited to write “from Anthony, Alex, and Angus” on our Christmas cards next year. We didn’t send cards this past year, partially because we forgot but mostly because it’s just us in here. Now with another addition to the DiMartino/Costa family, it feels more appropriate.


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