#57: Sweaters Again

Yes, it’s finally time. It’s here. After 56 blog posts, for some reason it took this long for me to finally dedicate a single blog post around one of my favorite things in the world: a comfy, bunchy sweater. I did write an earlier post about sweater love, but that was overshadowed by another subject. Here, in this post, we only talk about sweaters and nothing else.

If you know me at all, you know how much I absolutely die for these things. Nothing fits or feels better on my skin than a sweater with enough room in the arms for breathing, while also maintaining some breathing room in the chest area, too. Enough for me to walk around in without thinking too much about what I’m wearing, if that makes any sense at all. It’s as if I’m so comfortable and content that I don’t care as much about the shirt I have on or the pants I’m wearing. Everything else is overcome by the glorifying, sun-seeking warmth of the sweater, to which there is nothing better.

Now, you might be thinking, Anthony, what about during the summer? How do you survive during the hot days and months? You couldn’t possibly wear sweaters during the peak of July’s warmth, right?


That’s a good question, but something that I’ve thought about a good deal also. The truth is, sweaters are great no matter the temperature, so long as you have one that doesn’t fit too tight on you. You don’t need to worry about the heat when you’re inside, either, which is the perfect environment to be wearing a sweater in anyway. You wouldn’t want to be running around in these things, but also, who needs running around in the first place? You have gym clothes for that (at least, I do.)

Shout out to my grey sweater, the one that I’ve worn for a while now and has never betrayed me. It’s stood by my side through student teaching and beyond, and it’s never let me down, even during periods of unintended weight gain and uncertainty. I owe that thing more than it knows, or will ever be able to know, because after all it is just an article of clothing. If articles of clothing could talk, this would be the one item I’d be interested in speaking with, if anything for its longevity. It would have loads of stories to tell.

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