#56: Old Friends

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have a few friends who I would consider to be “old friends”: the type you used to hang out with consistently, but no longer see for whatever reason. Maybe you drifted apart a bit, or maybe the glue holding your friendship together (whether it be your college dorm, extracurricular, or work placement) disappeared, and so to did your regular contact with each other. To me, this seems to happen a lot; I befriend someone, I care for this person, and then, by chance or by inevitability, we move on separate paths, on separate journeys. I think it’s the nature of life for us to move forward, but it feels bad to move on without saying goodbye. A part of me always feels like there’s a chance our paths will cross again in a meaningful way, even though I doubt they ever will with some of these old friends.

I think of friends I met during my internship and student-teaching placement, when I was a frequent face on the local high school community’s faculty. A poster was hung up near the front office for me, with “Thank you for being the coolest English teacher, Mr. DiMartino” written on it. There were posters for other teachers too, but I still felt honored and included more than ever before when I saw that. It was during the tail-end of my substitute teaching gig, and I remember the joy I felt upon laying eyes on this kind of physical appreciation. So much better than the fake hearts and candy-in-the-mailbox from some other school I know about…

Speaking of that school, I have an old friend from there who I may be getting coffee with soon. I’ve been trying to meet with this person for some time now, but it’s difficult to arrange our schedules around each other. Mine is more flexible now that I’m effectively unemployed. I hope that the future includes a nice coffee meet-up with an old friend soon.

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