#47: Good Friends

backlit dawn foggy friendship

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Friends help make the world go round, and in the darkest times, they can even keep the world going all on their own. They have no peers but themselves. No comparisons are appropriately made when it comes to the value of a good friend, because a good friend is invaluable. They light up the sun when it’s dusk outside, and they bring food to your doorstep when you are hungry. Metaphorically, of course. They give you attention and validation when you need it, and they fill you up with positive vibes when you are feeling down. Good friends don’t need to be omnipresent helpers in your life, fixing your lightbulbs whenever they dim out, because a good friend helps simply by existing. The fact that they care for you sometimes is an added bonus, amplifying the already great benefits of having friends.

Recently, a good friend who I only see three days a year arrived for his annual sleepover hang-out spectacular. The extraordinary weekend. It’s a winter tradition, and every year I look forward to the next one. Sometimes it lasts a little longer than three days, but this year we were limited a bit. Fortunately for us, we managed to get lots of gaming in during our three days of hanging out, and spent quality time with each other, enjoying rare company. It’s not every day I get to see friends like this. That’s not to cheapen or demean my other friends, who I enjoy seeing on a more regular basis; it’s just that, when I have a friend who I rarely see, the moments we do share are made more special because of the long absence between them.

I was able to take this friend with me to all the great Stamford spots: Robek’s for smoothies, Corbo’s for lunch, Dino BBQ (and eventually, Cafe Jose) on Grubhub. We embraced what the city has to offer all over again, and I was uplifted by the experience. Something about his enjoyment validated all of my experiences here, and made them more valuable and worthwhile. It’s the beauty of having friends whose opinions and feelings you deeply respect and care about; eventually, you’ll grow to expect and rely upon their wisdom. Every decision is made better by their input, and every experience made more memorable with their presence. Nothing at all like a good friend.

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