#44: The Incense

Since a couple years ago, I’ve been interested in the therapeutic power of aromas. I started lighting incense sticks in my room, and soon after I started seeing Alex I got her hooked as well. It’s easy to see why incense can be enticing to people; the scents from a lit incense stick are more immediate, more pungent, and more visible than a candle, while also coming in cheaper bundles usually. We recently bought 350 candles on Amazon for less than $16, which to us is a massive collection to hold onto. We make good use of them, lighting at least one scent a day and taking time to just enjoy what’s around us. We also tend to buy incense (or at least window shop for incense) whenever we visit a store that we know sells them. For example, the Rite Aid in Northford used to sell large packs of air-scented incense, and I remember buying a few of those one night during a late trip.

There’s also a kind of magic to the incense holders we have; while I use the ornate, wooden box holder in the bathroom most of the time (it tends to fill the room after a long toilet session…), Alex uses the box in the bedroom most of all. I’ve made it a bit of a tradition to light some incense in the bedroom before she drifts off to sleep, and although the smoke can make my eyes water from time to time, it’s worth it to enjoy before bedtime. The aroma helps us drift off to sleep and puts our minds at ease when we need it most.

In terms of favorites, I asked Alex which scents stood out to her the most. The pomegranate fig candle that my mom gave me was her choice, while the soy candles I bought from school (midnight romance and lavender) or the midnight sky Yankee Candle by our bed were mine. Something about those candles brings us back, and I think about them whenever the topic comes to mine. I think we still have plans to visit the Yankee Candle gift store in Massachusetts sometime before the end of the year, though I can’t be sure. They often have the best holiday deals on candles.

In terms of incense, the sandalwood incense from Ten Thousand Villages or the abundance incense from Fairway’s aromatic section were Alex’s favorites. I’d have to agree with her!


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