#42: The Blog

Having a blog is a wonderful, positive thing in my life, and it is something I truly cherish during tumultuous times. I haven’t had to give this up, basically, and I know I always find ways to return back to it after years of absence. It’s stayed with me throughout all the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced over these past two years and plenty more. And consistency and stability are two things I’ve learned to deeply respect thanks to my experiences. I am thankful beyond words for the ability to write about my life and reach a limited audience through it. It’s impossible to quantify exactly what this means to me, but I hope it might also mean something to you, too, wherever you are right now, reading these sentences. (I know I have some dedicated readers who regularly check this out via email or browser… Hi!)

I want to also, temporarily, discuss the state of my blog. It’s turned into a bit of a “Wonderful!” like experience, where I share what matters to me while sharing about my personal and professional lives. It’s a hodgepodge of writings, and I hope that this style works for those reading my blog, whether or not you are frequent readers, because it’s a style I quite enjoy. It’s also easy to write about, and as someone who needs motivation to write for a long period of time, this style has provided me with a great deal of inspiration. It’s also helped me find out exactly what I’m looking for in a creative sense: personal blogging, at least for now. I try to intersperse some more creative writings when I can, and when it feels most appropriate also. Hopefully those will be returning soon, as I think it’s been awhile since I’ve tested my creative capacities in that way. It can be exhausting (and somewhat repetitive) to come up with topics to write about for this blog, but poetry has to come naturally. It can’t be forced into being.

Speaking of, I’m of the belief that creativity is like a fine-tuned skill; you need to hone it from time to time, to make sure the skills don’t disappear. You have to tend to it, or else it will not be the same when you return. But it is also like riding a bike, in that you don’t need to worry about ever totally “losing” the skill. It is always a part of you, somewhere on you, craving attention after a long absence. You just need to unleash it through whatever medium appeals to you most: filmmaking, photography, painting, music, theatre, dance, creative writing. There are more mediums that exist than what I just wrote down, but I hope it serves as a good jumping-off point for other ideas. Creativity is the source of many people’s happiness and joy, and it deserves to be appreciated from time to time, in whatever form it chooses to appear in.


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