#41: The Shower

black shower head switched on

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Is there a feeling better than taking a hot shower on a cold, winter morning? Right now, I am enjoying what I would call the perfect feeling: a nice shower in the described conditions. My phone is waterproof, and when my mind is most at ease is the ideal writing condition. Let’s talk about that for a few.

(Look, I said in my last post that this blog would be moving in a more personal, “Wonderful!” themed direction, alright? Expect even simpler topics in the future.)

The simple, single joy to the morning. Showers have a certain magic to them, especially when enjoyed without worrying about time or place or anything. I love entering a shower after a long day, or in preparation for a long day. Alex was sick recently, and after taking a hot shower, she felt as good as new. Something about the warmth of the water, the steam exuding from the shower chamber as it tickles your nose and clouds your head for a bit. The heat, if left on for too long, can be intoxicating, letting you drift away from your thoughts and into the moment itself. It aids in mindfulness, the art of living in the moment. Nothing epitomizes moment-to-moment living like taking a shower, to me, because I am perpetually thinking about what’s happening around and in front of me. It helps me let go of my anxieties; if even for a few minutes, the absence helps me find some much needed stability and sanity.

One thing I’d like to point out is, I tend to judge houses by how great their showers and/or bathrooms in general appear. When visiting my friend James’s house in London, his bathroom had a closed-off, triangle-shaped chamber where an entirely overhead shower drowned you in hot goodness. He also had a lot of remarkable hair products that he let me use, which has informed my shampoo and body wash shopping ever since. I remember feeling trapped, behind three murky triangular mirrors, but entirely overcome by how great the overhead shower felt. Interestingly enough, after I returned from studying abroad and reentered a house in crisis mode: our new home had an overhead shower option. It’s like the real estate agent knew exactly what I wanted from a new house.

Now that I live in an apartment across the state, things are different. The shower isn’t as remarkable as the multi-faceted, diverse experience I was used to at home in Northford. Times have changed, but this just fuels my motivation and drive once Alex and I move again.

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