#39: Cereal

person holding white ceramic coffee cup leaning on brown wooden table

Photo by THE 5TH on Pexels.com

I remember, when I was much younger, going to Turks & Caicos with my family (I’ve referenced this trip twice already in blog posts…) and eating loads and loads of cereal. It was a magical experience, even though, as an adult, I look back on that time with a bit of disgust at myself. How could I let myself go so much on one trip, and yet how else could I have made the trip as memorable? Since then, my family attaches Captain Crunch with myself in their memories. I must have had more than a dozen small boxes of Captain Crunch throughout that trip.

Since I moved to Stamford with Alex in May (God, it’s already been more than seven months at this point! Time flies), we temporarily did away with cereal. Alex didn’t like the sugar, and I was trying (attempting, valiantly) to avoid sugar, too, so we cut out on food that had unnecessary amounts of sugar, like cereal. As well, before moving to Stamford, I wasn’t a huge cereal eater, either; it wasn’t like I would run around the house avoiding cereal entirely, but I definitely preferred other breakfast options.

This all changed when we started experimenting a bit more. Being an adult means you can pick and choose to buy whatever you want from the grocery store, without anyone telling you what not to do, and that goes for cereals. I was never allowed to have Reese’s Puffs, for good reason, but I needed to try them for myself. When I did, they blew my mind, but not enough for me to buy them more than once. We tend to buy other cereals nowadays, with variety in flavor and box-size. They also tend to run out quickly, which goes to show how great we are at selecting high-quality cereal brands.

But of all the cereals we’ve tried, nothing compares to the Leapin’ Lemurs that end up atop our refrigerator every Friday night after grocery shopping. It’s become kind of a running joke at this point, but the Lemurs represent to me the best that cereal has to offer. Alex would surely agree with this statement.

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