#32: The Sleepover

photo of person holding alarm clock

Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com

In seven days, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases, and my friends and I already have plans to celebrate in an all-night smash bonanza. Snacks, party favors, comfy couch seats, and lots of blankets. We become depraved party animals with no regard for ourselves or the time of night, and the light of the TV mounted on the wall provides all the brightness in the room.

This is tradition for us. When new smash games release, it signifies a new generation of party experiences. Our usual party fare — board games, Overwatch, Destiny, and/or WoW — are exciting too, but the smash series brings me back to my high school memories, of late-night sleep overs spent mastering Brawl and waiting for the Adam West “Batman” series to come on TV. Most of my experience in Brawl came from Lucas, who you should never get above during a match, apparently. I also played some games as Mario and Ike, even though Ike originally was considered overpowered when the game first released. That would change once people figured out how Meta Knight worked! Brent would play Snake and Zelda, and Alex would play MK or Ike. This continued into the earliest hours of the day.

The last time this happened, when Smash 4 came out, we were all apart and weren’t frequently hanging out like we do nowadays. Hence it’s easier to organize and look forward to these plans, knowing that our schedules will allow for some flexibility to suit the game’s release. However, we still managed to play a lot of Smash 4 while it was current. I remember crushing my friend Steve’s roommate during my senior year of college, when they said he was being a jerk about winning all the time. I felt like I vindicated them through beating his characters a bunch.

I’m incredibly ready for this amazing night, and I can’t wait for it. It’s the little things that help keep you going!

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