#30: Almost Done

black and white blank challenge connect

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

An unfinished puzzle, missing a large piece in the center. Almost done. Almost done.

When I first started this blogging endeavor, I didn’t imagine I would talk about all the things I’ve been talking about. Writing is a consistently surprising activity. The blog about CVS pharmacy might be one of my favorites that I wrote, while the one about Overwatch might be my least favorite. To be fair, I was bored, in the middle of play-testing Ashe in quick play, and the topic came easily to my head. Not necessarily the most interesting of these posts, but I hope, if you read it, you didn’t find it a waste of time or anything like that.

I think about all the other unfinished projects I have: the short-story workshop with Hallie, the D&D guidelines for session 3, my first D&D group, all of my half-written novels and memoirs, and my other failed NaNoWriMo projects. Every attempt at restarting MyFitnessPal, every regimented daily schedule, every sleep pattern fix, nearly every long-term commitment. Unfinished, incomplete. And yet I’ve been able to pull off this commitment with majority success. Maybe I should continue this through December and then decide whether or not to make it a New Year’s Resolution, to write a 300-word blog every day? I can see some satisfaction coming from a successful long-term habit-building experience like that; it’s not something I can “cheese” quickly, as it needs to be done slowly and over time. Lots of tasks I would prefer to get over with immediately, but this one has to be slow and steady, which helps my patience grow.

You can even see traces of this at the beginning of the post; I like to look forward to “the end” of things. That eventually I won’t have to do this any more, and I can feel liberated again. It’s a bit of a childish feeling, to look forward to the end, to see the light at the end of the tunnel forever, to see the climax before the exposition, but it’s my scope of mind sometimes. I almost can’t really help it, although I’ve tried.

This is almost over, though, for now. Regardless of how much longer it goes for, there’s no counting whether it will truly continue after November. Here’s hoping whatever decision I make is the right one.

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