#16: The Unfamiliar

night building forest trees

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is nothing wrong with learning something new, as we established in the last blog post. Being a learner, in fact, is something all of us should strive to do, as it puts us in an inquisitive, pensive, knowledge-seeking mood. But how does one approach the unfamiliar, the strange or intimidating? How do we let loose of inhibition and regret and set ourselves up for new opportunities, especially when those opportunities are filled with new things?

I want to believe that I was a good student back in the day, as I always sought to apply what I learned to new studies and experiences. It also happened to be a smart way to internalize new knowledge, by applying that knowledge so quickly. I learned so much in my years of school, and yet school didn’t fully prepare me for the life I would be leading so shortly after my schooling ended. How does one prepare for this any how?

How does one learn to be unemployed? From talking with people, from networking constantly, and from making time for yourself. I make sure to do all of these things despite my current status. And yet, I am unfamiliar with the world of not being on a career track. After so much time constantly moving toward something obvious and specific on my horizon, in my case my teaching degree, it is relieving but a bit nerve-wracking to not have a specific, quantifiable goal in mind for the future. This is partly one of the reasons I am thinking of returning to school in some form, as it would give me a sense of direction again amidst a time of deep uncertainty. It would return me to a set path, rather than progressing in just fits and spurts. Being directed some place, rather than directing oneself, can be oddly comforting. To some people, order is more liberating than liberty. Weird, isn’t it?


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