Having fun

What will they think when they check Facebook,

And see you hanging out, having fun?

What will they think?

I’m no stranger to salacious social media gossip / in high school a clique was formed around laughing at junior prom outfits / as every dress and tux pairing posted on Facebook / within moments the thunderbirds mobilized, pulling apart / their inelegant extravagance and disastrous unpreparedness / but they feared themselves most of all / admitted years and days later / far enough removed so the wounds had already closed / for everyone else but those who started it / they dreamed absolution, saw none in their lifetimes / left in the dark again / I watched with them

What will they think?

Estranged family / arrive at my classroom by instinct knowing fully / well the dangers in closing and reopening doors / that creak and croak louder when magnified / they wonder why my namesake changed / why my tagged pictures don’t load any more / why my posts are customized, hidden from their view / they spoke to Aunt Sheila, who was left off the list years ago / before she drugged herself on a Tuesday afternoon / two summers ago / and fell into being life’s eternal social media manager / and you remember crying in front of them / without answering

What will they think?

No stranger, no stranger to / dangerous anxiety and self-deprecation / but no worries, no reconciliation, no ambushes / no more watchful scars atop high peaks observing, reflecting on the day’s wonderful filtered experience / we are in full surrender to the norm / those who are happy make it known, those who suffer leave it alone / nothing surprises anyone except / when weeks pass without a mountainous sunrise / of laughter and unique experience / and the chains bind you to unceasing futility and boredom, while / thunderbirds soar in circles above you / and Sisyphus whispers mournfully,

But what will they think of it?

What will they think if you leave?

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