I’m nearly related to the monster

That used to live under my bed

It’s waited twenty years to resurface

Two hundred forty months of patience

Seven thousand and four days

The hours passed like minutes

But now it’s fastened to me, like a tumor

Nearly passing through the corridors

Of a newer neater neighborhood

Noiselessly, causing trauma and despair

Unnoticed by all but me

It feels its way in and out of neural pathways

Memories and all the moments we shared

It drills at the familiar sore spots

The ones it left unknowingly through the years

I remember when I was born

It was there with me, smiling

We have pictures together

We used to be friendly, at a distance

Nearly shaped like a grizzly bear

Clumsy, rough, shameless exhibit

For the museum of domestic life

It severed the few veins we shared

When the monster awoke one day

Leaving a wake of scabs and

Mistreated mental scars because

Of its startling revelation about life

And the meaning of family and marriage

The parasite still gnaws at my skull

Every time I think of holidays and weekends

And where I used to live

But there’s nothing I can do about it

I’m helpless like a goldfish

Swimming to the surface of a leaking tank

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