Always thinking forward, never backward

Always improving something each day

Always adapting to new problems every morning

Always listening to the debates on TV

Never fully committing to anything it’s too risky

Never devoting to one hobby, interest, idea it might go away

Never sad or angry or disappointed just living without

Doing things normally ordinary it’s easier that way

Doing what every one does because this is forever

Staying away from the sea after eating for my health

Staying sedentary because it’s easier that way

Staying active when necessary

Eating carefully and always reading food labels

Dieting and drinking when fashionable but never consistently

Arriving fashionably late to occasions on purpose

Watching the screen while asleep just in case

Craving the low buzzing from an aluminum brick

Craving constantly the light from a monitor

Dreaming without nightmares if I can control it

Sleeping in familiar bed sets before midnight

(When given the chance)

Today’s like every day




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