At this time of writing

The easiest way to enhance your creativity

Is to broaden your horizons, apparently

So I took myself somewhere new

A place unfamiliar to me

To inspire me


I went down to the basement but

There weren’t any lights

I heard skittering and the rustling of boxes

We were moving,

No one was there anymore

Never really liked the basement anyway


In all my nineteen years living here

I never knew we had an attic until

The week before we left

So I climbed into the attic

And found it was just a small hole

In the ceiling

That was disappointing


I tried the swing set but

My head was dizzy after

My first attempt at creative writing

And I had to lay down on the grass

To rest my head

That’s where I found the perfect spot to write

Until the bees came

And then I ran.


I understood that home might not be

The best place to write during a move

So I drove to the park

My second favorite childhood place

But there was construction in the way

And my favorite alternative radio station changed

To Christian rock overnight,

So I gave up.


I don’t think I can write anymore.



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