Awkward Fridays

Where the days of the week elongate

And every hour seems a solar system away

Creeping closer every interplanetary minute and

Star citizens remind you by the hour how

Wandering minds never dream in numbers

Get ready for the illusion to reform and

Take over your mind while you’re writing 

Away the words you were told to write


Where the books are weights upon 

The arms of literary bodybuilders 

Up down lifting the heaviest words

Penciled by French and English 

Altogether European geniuses 

(Authors satirists and novelists mostly)

Verbs and nouns and adjectives

And every synonym in between 

Carry a thesaurus to the park before

You start writing that paper or else

The masters of language will crawl

Into your thoughts and haunt you

Pushing backward into that essay

Their doubts fears and nothing else

The figment of anxiety or stress

A waste of precious energy 

On an awkward Friday night 

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