Look Away

Dear you,

What’s the matter

Are you scared?

Why are you scared?

Are your fingers numb?

Are your toes itching?

Why are you nervous?

Nothing’s the matter,

Don’t worry anymore

Nothing’s going to change,


Except your home, 

But you knew that already.


They’ve been planning the move

Since your birthday;

Didn’t they tell you?


I’m sorry.

Remember to fix yourself up nicely

When the hungry young couples

Come in to inspect 

Your only room next week. 

Remember to pack your things neatly

For next year,

When the school bus arrives 

At your house

And it’s a different shade of yellow;

When today’s mail is

Half as large as it used to be;

When the flowerbeds 

No longer contain the lovely

Spring lilacs they once adored;

When the Christmas lights

Are stretched across another window,

And those ornaments with the

Family pictures inside,

The ones we took each year,

Are no longer relevant.


What’s the matter?

Why are you worried?

Alright, well,

There’s a lot on your mind,

I know, I know

But you’ll make new friends

In next year’s school

You’ll be fine.

And if you’re bullied again,

Talk to me first. 

Here’s your chance to 

Start over, even though

It wasn’t your choice.

I wish it were true,

That nothing’s changing after all;

But acceptance is the only answer.

You won’t look at them in the same light

Once it’s all said and done.

I’d try to make things better

But my advice can only go so far

Across the sea.

Remember to keep your love

Separate but equal,

Because jealousy is a sin,

And we know how they act;

Remember to hold up your shield

When you feel sad again,

Because even the strongest doubts

Won’t hurt you;

Remember to be yourself

Even though that sounds trite,

Because clichés are what keeps us all sane;

Just remember,

When you hear them yelling,

Look away

Tomorrow’s just another day.


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