Fixing a Hole

I’m fixing a hole, alright

In John Lennon style

There’s a leak in the wall

Yeah, everyone can see it

The floor’s all wet 

Like a dog on a sad day

Yeah, I’m fixing a hole

In the downstairs walls

Of this poor house

They’re worsening the leak

Each night and over dinner

Abusing innocent ears

Yeah, the hole keeps pouring

And the water’s making its way

Down the cloudy kitchen 

To the desolate bedroom

Through the imprisoned office

To the hardly-living room

Even the attic’s flooded

The old toy-boxes and diaries 

From great great grandparents

Are drenched in a bitter enmity,

The same bile diluting meals;

Now stands the remnants of

A home divorced of its ancestry;

Soon the house will lift itself up

And float on down the street

Quickly to the town hall

If that hole doesn’t get fixed


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