Remember when we used to be
Together, walking somewhere all-right
Alongside, reading something decent
The days, when we wrote shitty stories
The hours, when we had nothing to do
The minutes, when we smiled on end
In a blink, it’s all gone
Remember when we would relax
In your room, reveling in mediocrity
By the canal, sinking into the sand
I like to think, it’s because
We wanted to leave reality
Side by side
Just wait
Because it’s coming again,
The emotion, the animosity
Brewing in the cauldron
In your basement, the love potions,
The hate potions, and the lame ones
Give me a chance to
Fix the crack under your skin
Remember when the days passed quickly
And we forgot to write everyday,
Because life zoomed by, in an instant
I wish we could return
To the recent past
Forget the present; it’s not your birthday
Remember how you used to love it
Just be patient
I think we can make this better

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