Who woke up the neighborhood

Oh, flashing street lights, breakfast alarms

Sidewalks, streams, and dirty ponds,

Parked cars, wrecked mailboxes, and rain;

What nostalgic paradise have you all escaped to?

The neighborhood remembers these things, the

Jogging neighbors and babies crying, the

Driveway basketball games, and yoga, the

Yard work, clean grass

Days before the neighborhood

Forgot itself.

Three generations of families past over

The train tracks, to somewhere else.

The yellow school-buses no longer turn

Into our little community

They’ve forgotten us, or

We’ve all grown up,

But someone woke up the neighborhood,

All the Halloween decorations have disappeared,

Into the basement.

The house lights are shut through day and night

The trick-or-treaters from other neighborhoods

Have forgotten our humble street.

The cars that travel through us

Are always wandering, lost, but never

Ask for directions,

And we never see them leave.

The homes lining the road are trapped in that

Twilight zone between

Hopeless irrelevancy and haunted-house status.

The streams have run dry,

The rain fills them not when it

Drizzles or storms,

I like to think all the neighbors whisked away

One night, to another distant pastoral,

Leaving us behind without a word,

But I know they’ve all just woken up,

And moved on.


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