(Intro) I love audiences

I love audiences when they’re not paying attention
to me; if the ceiling is more interesting then
Carry on, Mr.Ceiling, please do.
You have funnier stories, clearer rhetoric,
You’re more captivating than my boring ideas.
Though I’ll continue talking because I love audiences, even
when they’re staring me down waiting for
something witty or intelligent to escape me.
But it won’t come.
At least, not today. I’m not in the mood.
I love crowds because I can duck my head,
Hold my backpack tightly and pretend that
the scores of onlookers are looking at the
Ceiling instead. Or their phones. On Facebook.
Pay attention, there. I love you all.
Pay attention, here. I hate you all.
Daydream, please, think of transient things.
Stream of consciousness, for a moment:
Tell me what you see, young and old
Tell me what’s going on. I hate it.
But I love audiences.

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