Nice Words

Newspaper headlines from alley-gangs:

Explosive sadomasochism is legal in most United States

Perversion never made sense to me, too off-the-wall

Too counterproductive and benign to our foreign policy

(If foreign is really just your consensual partner, and policy

Is whatever you decide to do in your free time, wherever)

Too immature – back when that phrase was sensible –

Too slack-faced and long-jawed

Yodeling should be a socially acceptable hobby

But if you enjoy it what’s the point?

Hobbyists deserve neverworldly praise in sight of achieving

What all humans strive for: performing, acting upon, living off

Your greatest desires.

Live for the moment until it escapes you, then find another moment

And jump on it.

I find it hard to believe the greatest artists (sobjectively speaking)

Didn’t throw shit against the walls for years and years,

Waiting for the right color to shine.

I’ve heard most writers act the same

Backspacing as often as they space, when in all honesty

Their deletions deserve a presence, somewhere,

In a cavern, where tourists can visit

When they’ve run out of moments,

And desires to accost, and the price of

Admission becomes their human souls.


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