When you’re feeling extra happy,

Suck it up, stupid kid.

Where’s your head?

Smiling, let em know you’re crazy

Suck it up, stupid kid.

In the city the predators destroy

Your dumb, stupid head.

Can’t wait to go back.

Wait for the train with your hands

Behind your back,

Tied in loose knots.

You’re a crazy little shit, you know that?

It’s true.

You know you’re a loony puny bitch, yeah.

It’s true.

Stop thinking with your head in the clouds

You’ll get lost out there looking for the ocean.

No one likes your kind.

Stop caring. Stop having joy. Stop being happy.

It’s a rookie mistake. Try learning the ropes

When they’re wrapped around your chest.

Stop going on about something, nothing.

Suck it up, stupid kid; if

You’re not wallowing with me, you’re doing it wrong.

Suck it up.



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