Discursive Ramblings: Daft Punk

Hello, welcome to the second edition of my rambling blog posts, which I don’t bother to give a structure or a second look grammatically. This time I’ll be featuring my sudden, rekindled feelings for none other than the ever-changing musical duo Daft Punk, hot off their most recent album, “Random Access Memories.”


Just LOOK at these guys. They ooze trendy musical greatness.

As (sort of) a youngin, I discovered Daft Punk around the release of Tron Legacy in 2010. At the time, I was about 15 years old, and had started my sophomore year of high school. There’s something about Daft Punk’s reluctance to adhere to the norms of popular music that made me attach myself to their mission and music. Little did I know that their Tron Legacy soundtrack would be their first studio-made “album” in five years. So, when I heard that “Random Access Memories” would be released in 2013, I jumped for joy. This was exactly what I needed.

Before its release, the album was made to seem as a different, but logical step forward for the duo: they were quoted as saying that they felt discontent toward the current state of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). When they were undergoing the recording process, the duo felt a need to use real, human performers in the studio, instead of their typical use of musical samples and tracks.

“We wanted to do what we used to do with machines and samplers, but with people,” said Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk.

This sort of dramatic change doesn’t happen without trial and error. But, like all great musicians, their art requires many, many tries until they find something that sticks. And as a fan of Daft Punk, I love their decision to manipulate human performers’ ideas and sounds to create something wonderful. That’s why “Random Access Memories” feels so different, yet so similar to Daft Punk’s musical flavor: it showcases and captures the change that they set out to make, and embodies the duo’s spirit for creating imaginative, fantastical music that brings joy to its listeners.

What a group!

Nothing compares nowadays. In an industry flooded by synthesizers and computer-created samples, music has become much more “technological,” so to speak. As a result of this change the opportunity to create music has reached more people. Who do they look to as their idols? Who should they look to?

These guys.

They reinvented themselves on “Random Access Memories” at the perfect time: during a period when people are experimenting with new music.

Unlike some of the contemporary giants of the EDM genre, Daft Punk keeps to their traditions while presenting new developments with every track. That’s admirable.

In summary, I love this group, and I love what kind of image they have. They represent contemporary music incredibly. I hope they continue to do what they do best: create awesome music, inspire millions, and change music as a whole.

That’s it for now, fellas. Until next time…


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