Small people in large trucks

No one-lane roads in the suburbs

Monster truck driver Brad fixes his

Seatbelt to tightly wrap around the brisk smelly air

And nothing else because he’s a badass;

When Brad drives he really drives 

Passing through all the red lights

Getting the little kids in a hurry

He’s sure he’s the reason for the no trucks incoming

Signs because no neighborhood wants Brad

The small man with a small intestine

And a large truck to compensate

Of some Chevy make, his automobile got him

Ladies for sure and zero accidents without a belt

Except for once, when he stormed down the road

With heavy black metal blazing and windows missing

And crashed headstrong into a mail box containing

His heart, soul, and guts in a bundle disintegrated

Under the fiery fervor of a Chevy truck destroying it.

Small people in large trucks never mix, even when

They’re tall and in charge

Small wisdom, Small heart, Small size.

All in the same when they’re dead.


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