Discursive Ramblings: Dokapon Kingdom

Hello. I’d like to formally introduce my followers to an informal, casual series which I will try to maintain steadily. As I haven’t had much time to read lately, the Story of the Week series has taken a much needed rest.

Here’s what Discursive Ramblings will do to benefit both you and I, the reader and the writer: I’ll be able to vent some of my frustrations which come from my academic, laborious, and social life, and you’ll be entertained (I hope) by my providing a sense of personality that may be missing from my creative work. Discursive Ramblings is my time to relax and release. What’s in store? Well, I’m not sure of the particularities, but I am sure that this series will be rowdy and especially audacious.

While my opening segment may not entice you the way the following entries to this series may, I expect that I’ll get used to the structure (or lack thereof) that I’m creating the more I participate in it. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it:

Today and yesterday, I played an incredibly irritating yet somehow enjoyable game for hours on end. I think I had Stockholm syndrome. To anyone who knows anything about friendship-destroying party games, you must have heard of Dokapon Kingdom, for the Wii. Without exaggerating in the least bit, the game is built from the ground up to anger you. It will piss you off. It will throw you into painful and obnoxious situations you will learn to despise, as they appear consistently. This game knows how to hit a nerve, if you are the least bit impatient and easily bothered.


Surviving a Story Mode game without combusting into flames  is modern society’s most extreme measure of self-control.

But yet, I felt a desire to return to it after every painful brick to the face that the game throws at you. To an extent, I have an abusive relationship – that is, with a party game that sets me in both rage-mode and complacently comfortable mode in the blink of an eye, or the shift of the day.

A few weeks back, a group of friends and I started a session of the longest possible game setting and set for adventure. However, in actuality, the adventure was more so an attempt to survive in an expansive, probability-based world which takes every chance it can to screw you over. There is some element of skill and strategy involved, but much of that is obliterated as the “Surprise!”-based structure of Dokapon Kingdom promotes silliness and uncertainty instead.

If you have ever played Mario Party, think of Dokapon Kingdom as a longer, inescapable loop of the most difficult and/or annoying minigame, with role-playing elements included. Grrr! It’s frustrating to even think of it.

Like a true, abused partner, I am bound to the game because it animates us, excites us, and throws us into walls. Most of the time, we do it to each other seeing as the game promotes dicking around with your pals (whose status as friends may be slowly diminishing as the game progresses, only to be restored once you realize that it’s simply a game). That always elicits a reaction, either in game or out of game.

I swear a lot. And when I’m angry I swear even more. Fireworks fly. A little animation of steam rolling out of my nose appears. It’s all wrong.

Yet I enjoy this game.

Until next time, fellas.


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