Collectively we bundle into one thought, one mind, one soul

I would stand with the oversoul against the tides for hours

Meditating on lost words others must know in past lives

Before I lived on the earth the oversoul was here, one being

And it needs no introduction, beyond its broad, specific existence

A zealous blanket of ethereal material wraps around us,

Amounts our ideas into a bright lightbulb of potential alacrity,

And traces those thoughts to a brilliant tower looming beyond.

The oversoul demands inescapable obedience, wondrous

Mountaintops where it rests serenely remind us our service’s price.

Transcend our grievances and hatreds to a greater good,

The oversoul monitors like a flashlight on a blank page

Which fills with detail over time, as creation visualizes,

For us, I know it true, the oversoul is here for me and you

It wakes me in the morning when I wish to escape nightmarish thoughts

It wakes me at night when I still have work to complete.

It wakes me in the afternoon when I’m drifting to a different plane.

Springs me to life and fills me with unparalleled joy when

I observe the world from a shared, equally fantastic distance.


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