It’s the short sounds of beady alarm clocks and

the dazzling artificial desklamp lights that distract me.

The hairy arms and legs and feet that cover my soul-like physicality and

the cartridges of colored ink lying despairingly on the floor next

to the printer they were attending to, desperately, as they lost attention.

The azure-coated love stickers gleaming distantly by the sulking fireplace and

the watermarks on the metallic black iPhone I carry proudly like an arm augmentation,

fixed in place by tenement cars and over-entitled college graduates on sidewalks.

A number of distractions in the world, so we never

see anything that’s actually real.

2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Thank you for the comment! I’d say I enjoy concrete imagery, as that’s usually the best I can create. I’m a limited poet, in that respect. But I can see that you enjoy it too!

    I can definitely see the thematic connections you’re making. The distracting qualities of technology have made us tend to doubt the reality of certain things that we’ve come to acknowledge as commonplace. I enjoyed part 3 most, although part 2 was also great. I think that’s because the references had struck me. There’s so many side-effects to technology that we must consider, to stay cautious and weary, but we must always be open-minded to the next frontier.

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