An Apology for Inactivity

Hello everyone!

Lately, a nasty viral case of the cold has stricken me, and so I’ve been unable to write for this blog. While I always intend to post once per day, it has been difficult to concentrate on reading, writing, and blogging activities while under a fever.

Enough talk of sickness, ailments, and such. I am not making this post to harbor your sympathy and pity; I want to engage in creating a feasible schedule for my upcoming posts for as soon as I recover from being sick.

Firstly, my Story of the Week series ran short this week for reasons already explained. This is my first priority.

Secondly, my experience reading my poetry to alumni and English faculty here has yet to be documented and discussed.

And lastly, I have not had the opportunity to read much of my followers’ works in the meantime! I have missed out on so many potentially-great works to be read from my blogging friends. I miss that the most.

I have reached 100 followers on my blog, now. I never imagined obtaining this achievement, but here it is! I’m so glad that 100 people–with a few bots in between, I imagine–find my work so intriguing that you’d like to see more of it. I hope that my small leave of absence has not deterred nor disappointed my followers, especially after reaching this rather small but meaningful milestone.

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