Big birds flying over the sunset breeze

Sick twisted men shouting in the seas

Train track thespians trekking through the trees

Sing-a-long barneys making their own histories

Male model men marching money mysteries

Wroth wrecked warlocks wrestling swiss cheese

Apocalyptic apathy apples aching to appease

Calm cool communists communing with their skis

Rampant red range-rovers readying their PCs

Dead dark dynamite dancing in the disease

Dead dark earth as the whole world freeze


**Alright, I want to try to explain this one a bit. I like to experiment with poetry, different styles, moods, schemes, meters. In this one, I improvised the whole thing; as in, I wrote the first line off my head and then had to continue it in a (semi)logical way. It didn’t fit well, but it was fun to do. The rest is up to you. Just continue with your first sentence and with all the sentences you write after it! Try it out. I decided to use a lot of alliteration in this one, simply because it seemed more fun to continue the poem in that way.


2 thoughts on “Improvised

  1. You can tell you have fun with this. I like using alliteration in my post titles. I just wrote one called, “Inspiring Blogger Inspired to Instigate Insurrection”.

    • Indeed! Alliteration always makes poems more fun to write, for me. It doesn’t fit in all the time, but that’s irrelevant in a largely improvised poem. I’ve read that post actually, congrats!

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