Leonardo DaVinci and Google Glass

It’s no surprise that Leonardo DaVinci was a brilliant man, with the honor of being able to say that he is the forefather of many of the inventions of the modern age. His genius in the realms of science and arts classifies him as a renaissance man, and I know no one who would readily dispute that claim. DaVinci is the prototypical example of a renaissance man, and a polymath. He’s done everything.

But now, word is surfacing that the new invention from Google, the Google Glass, had been predicted or drawn out once by DaVinci but 800 years earlier. Dr. Burt Wilde of the University of Illinois claims that a makeshift drawing of an invention similar to the Google Glass was done by DaVinci centuries ago. Here’s the picture as he had envisioned it:


On the right hand side of the picture is an illustration of what the mechanism would do.

Now here’s a picture of Google Glass:


Interesting, isn’t it? The similarities are uncanny. Both display an eye mechanism that seems to illustrate the surroundings. Both seem to be made to assist in figuring out descriptions for locations, areas, technologies, and people. The purposes and intentions of the technologies are eerily similar.

To clarify, I am not trying to discredit Google here; however, I simply find it intriguing that Leonardo DaVinci had thought of the same idea that they had, only centuries beforehand. Obviously, DaVinci was unable to bring the invention into reality, and would not have had the same massive platform for sales that Google has.

I have my friend Andrew Shough to thank for notifying me of this discovery. It furthers my belief that Leonardo DaVinci was the greatest man alive, and still has a significant, realistic impact on all of us to this day. I realize this blog post is a bit different from what I usually post here, but I found it incredibly interesting and worthy of your viewing. Hope you all enjoy your days!

One thought on “Leonardo DaVinci and Google Glass

  1. he moved forward when others would not. When the authorities said, “Who created this?” The crowd full of fear, covered themselves. But one voice shouted, “Here I am, It was I that did such a thing. If you want the culprit, then arrest me.” Immediately, the guards seized Leonardo, they beat him viciously until he could barely breath. Shackled with heavy iron rings, laying upon a cold prison stone floor, he prayed. Even though his body was restrained, it did not restrain his mind, as it soared & traveled. In the face of adversity, will you stand silent or will you say, “Here I am!”
    I’m not an educated ivy league Arthur. But after a tragic accident which left me feeling with deep resentment & anger for being cheated out of life, I was left sad, alone & not being as good as the others. However, a persistent therapist told me to pick up a pencil & write, write something new on a piece of paper. I didn’t want to at first, but I did so anyway. And slowly, I wrote of how imperfect I am with all my chippings & jagged edges shown thru with the displays of my writing, filled with pain & emotion, combined with hallucination & imagination.

    Who knew what my therapist was doing? Was it a key slowly unlocking my mind which was filled with so many jig-saw-puzzles. And yet two years later, out of no-where, I was chased down by a group of crazed, wild eyed college kids/fans wanting to know what happens next in my fantasy novel, “LondenBerg by Lord Biron”. And after recovering, believe it or not, I had to tell a bunch of bookstores that I don’t want them to order a bunch of “LondenBerg by Lord Biron” books because I don’t want to be famous. Now that’s a first. Wait a second, you got to be kidding me. I better grab my coffee, laptop & a taxi because here they come again!

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