Donald Hall Poetry Prize–Honorable Mention

Hello everyone,

This is going to be a short blog update that I hope you get the opportunity to read.

I’m not very punctual, am I? About two weeks ago, I received an email from the creative writing professor here at Quinnipiac. He had congratulated all of the poets who placed in the Donald Hall Poetry Prize, which I had submitted to on a whim. I was unsure whether I would place at all, but receiving an honorable mention pleasantly surprised and humbled me. I am elated that I managed to rank among the top five of the people who submitted to the contest.

Recently, my placing in the contest has won me many opportunities, despite it only being an honorable mention. In early April, I get to read some of my poetry (including the winning poem) at an annual convention at Quinnipiac that allows me to reach a much, much larger audience than I had ever thought possible. On the QU English department website, my poetry is shown. On an e-sign in our grand library, the poetry is displayed, too. Next Thursday, I have the opportunity to share lunch with my professor, the fellow winners, and Desmond Egan, a renowned and respected Irish poet who I have read from. All of this came as a great big surprise that I had never had expected beforehand.

I can certainly say that being celebrated for what you love to do always seems to come as a surprise, honor, and pleasure. The greatest pleasure comes from the process, from enjoying writing and poetry more than anything else.

Almost all of the poetry posted on this blog, other than the poem that won the award, have been written in the small time that I’ve had this blog online. I do not consider “Homeward Bound,” the poem which won the award, to be my best. However, I am not one to judge my own work. If you missed it when I first started this blog, I’ll post it here:

Homeward Bound.

Thank you for reading, and thank you all for supporting my endeavors in poetry and literature. I appreciate it all. And here’s to hopefully more poetry to come!

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