Rest in Peace, Chinua Achebe


On March 21st, 2013, great author Chinua Achebe died in his home. He was 82 years old, and a legendary author of his time. I have not read his works, but I know many who have been touched by his acclaimed novel, Things Fall Apart.

This post comes a little late. He died three days prior to today, but as an aspiring writer I am more than obligated to pay homage where homage is certainly due. The time of a post should not dictate the significance of it.

I have read the novella Heart of Darkness. Much of the controversy surrounding the novella stems from Chinua Achebe’s harsh, intellectual criticisms. When Achebe published Things Fall Apart, the possibilities for literary criticism about this novella exploded. In my opinion, both works are significant and great. This man deserves your respect, especially after death. He has mine.

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