II: Lawless


the law is dead and lawless for no law regulates itself beyond the will of the    Kings

violent and aggressive and reprehensible they claim about the execution of a religion,    As

angels fly from the eight rings of purgatory downward and upward at the    Sinners,

empowering the law and its long arm of justice, its hammer   Fighting,


the lawful are suffering in blind obedience and the confusion wrought    Through

the madness, the arguments, the instruments of torture beyond the public    Realms,

and civic rule mirroring the death and endless craziness abound through    Chapels

of executions, toy bears, plastic violins creating sounds and screams    Of


the lawless, the lawless, the lawless, the relentless lawless, the merciless    Lawful

and down the road they march, the lawless march and pray to their outcast    Deities,

the ones who are lawless, too, and disobeyed the highest gods who punished    Them

and brought down the hammer that no one dares defy but them,    The


the lawless, the outlaws in the desert, the cowboy towns, the playgrounds, the   Sinners,

mercy houses, the deserted churches  where the graffiti is wondrous and   Always

pouring salt in the wounds that are severed and suffering in the brown dust,   They’re

dead from years of reproducing the merciless have bred and cared for    The



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