Pre-“Dominion” Post

Hello everyone who follows this blog. I wanted to inform you all of a long post I’ll be gradually adding to over some time here.

First of all, I love the idea of long prose. I feel as if long prose has infinite potential, while shorter prose leaves much to the imagination. I have intended to write a much longer, more wordier poem for some time, but never found the inspiration for such a pursuit. It would be an undertaking requiring much effort and motivation. While I certainly don’t lack the motivation, I imagined that the problem would be the time commitment. Although I try to post a new poem or blog every day here, it can sometimes be difficult because of school and extracurriculars on the side.

I received my motivation to write this poem from an English theory lecture during a snowstorm. I wrote “Keeping Warm In A Snowstorm” during the same class, but I am more proud of this one. We were being taught Marxism and the concept of hegemony.

Thus, I have decided that it is best for me to post the poem in normal-length parts. It is five parts with each part being about the same length as the rest of the poems I post here, so not very long.

I’ll post one each night, and then it all together on the last day.

Hopefully you will enjoy it! This is my first time doing such a thing, so I hope it goes well and people enjoy it.


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