All The Heroes Are Gone

Watchmen pin (1)

I need a hero,

But I don’t know where to look.

I see people masquerading as heroes everyday,

But no one really impresses me.

I went to the toy store

And only found plastic heroes

That resembled the ones I remembered,

But couldn’t save anything if they tried.

I went to the costume store

And found spandex suits

That the old heroes used to wear,

But they don’t give anyone any real power.

I went to the movie store

And found videos of the heroes

That they had starred in years ago,

But the videos couldn’t teach me how to find one.

I went to the appliance store

And found complicated tools

That the heroes would fight with,

But no normal person would know how to use them.

So I went to the department store,

And bought some ordinary clothes,

And I dressed as a hero would today.

I held up large signs coated in black sharpie lettering

And called out at the racing cars,

The walkers on the street,

And the store clerks seeking a profit,

But no one needed a hero except for me.

I walked to the streets of the city,

No longer colored in stark black and whites,

But in blues and reds and grays.

I stood on the sidewalk and cried out

For a hero to save me,

And no one came

Because no one knew where to look.


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