Keeping Warm In A Snowstorm


Snowflakes bounding across the window,

Falling, falling, falling again.

I wish I knew the snowflakes well,

Why they are so unique and bright,

And why they stormed here on this night.

A train of white dots arriving at

The station and stopping to fuel up

But the passengers are pouring out like

Rabid, savage dogs fighting for a bone,

And the bone, unfortunately, is our home.

A sea of insects gathering and spreading

Sickness and fighting against the wind

And herding each other into the pit

Where we stand and stare upwards and

Marvel at the macabre and dry sand.

A desert blasted by a hurricane

And swayed left and right,

Pushed to all sides and areas,

Endemic to our lives the sand breathes

And in our hands the warmth seethes.

Small specks of stars in the sky

Shooting in rows, in waves, and

In a group as the commoners run

Rampant and confused and overwhelmed

And the stars fall again.

The mischievous snowflakes on my

Shovel, gone down the river.

Snow I once knew very well and

Now I’m at a loss.

And I wish I could keep warm.


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