Meteor Shower


The sky is falling all into one,

Conjoining and collapsing each other all

In a quick second in the late late night

And if outside looked this way every night

Then every night would be happy

And wonderful and magnificent.


For two stars collide together,

Flying two different paths

But they are both headed somewhere

Two stars shoot away, all at once,

Following as brothers, connected

But the falling ones all land

In one unending graveyard;


The night sky is a cemetery

Of entertainment and dancing

A space-coliseum of dueling and bravado,

A miser’s mansion bustling with song,

A skyscraper revitalizing a near village,

A vast ocean to swim and drown yourself in,

Full of glimmering metallic shards

Memories encased in crystal and rapid light

Soaring westward, eastward,

Farther and farther from their distant homes

Into ours

To the night sky I saw tonight,


And if the world ended in a week

I could die satisfied with this vision of

Heaven on earth forever in mind,

Its essence entrapped in a memory.

*Interestingly enough, this one was written back in December during the Geminid meteor shower. It was a truly wonderful and incomparable sight.

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