The Great Christmas Tree


I had searched for years for the great Christmas tree,

Something that would represent our family;

A tree that would shine through the dusky night,

With its branches exuding the brightest light,

And the afternoon sun, jealous of the tree’s lustre,

Would seem to writhe in envy and go astir;

We would need a tree taller than the tallest giant,

It would stand in our home in brave defiance,

While staring off at the other houses nearby,

For it would be tall enough to touch the sky.

And the tree must also be greener than the forest,

So all the other trees would complain in a chorus

And shout insults as we pulled the tree away,

For we would need to ready it for Christmas day.

We would plant it on the ground at home,

And nestle it right near the Christmas gnome.

We would swathe it in colored lights galore,

Like nothing you would have ever seen before.

We would climb stairs and steps to reach the top,

As it appeared that the ascent would never stop,

But when we would see the tip of the green,

It would be the most fantastic thing you’d ever seen,

A beautiful spiral of reds and yellows and blues,

With variations and colors of different hues,

The tree was magnificent, but lacked one part;

It was the bright star that would be its heart.

Greed, lust, and jealousy were no longer there

As the forest from before had happiness in the air,

And the sun warmed itself to the great Christmas tree,

The one that would represent our family.


*Although its significance is outdated right now, I wrote this poem around the holiday season and I imagine it may bring a sort of nostalgic feeling to those who long for December again.

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