Rain Drops Falling Like Kamikazes


Rain drops falling like kamikazes

Bent on reaching the ground

With an iron will and a liquid body

It’s a shame then what we found.


Clouds icing the sky

Cold like thunder;

As the rain drops died,

Their bodies torn asunder.


Mortar shells blasting in the distance,

Lightning rods begging and shouting

Beggars believing they must listen

For their bitter world was drowning.


Sadness in the form of a falling glacier

Drone strikes firing to duel

Policemen acting like saviors

And the freezing sky so cruel.


Enveloped in water,

The reaction so nervous.

Innocents being slaughtered

Their killing a disservice.


Ceaseless fighting,

Endless crying,

Boundless lightning,

All so blinding.

One thought on “Rain Drops Falling Like Kamikazes

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