Down the River


In the heat of the evening breeze, I see

A flower soar right in front of me.

I saw it dance and saw it fly,

But then I saw that lonely flower die.

The nature is rushing down the river.

The freezing water makes them shiver.

The cold is long in the summer’s embrace

And the flower’s death brought tears to my face.

With heat comes cold, and seasons too

For when they change, the world turns blue.

I see it when I walk for long,

As nature sings it melancholic song,

The death of a flower, oh so small,

I wonder if it happened to them all?

Would we notice and would we care?

This world I see, for all to share.

I worry and I preach: “beware!”

For those flowers dancing eternally in the air,

For all we know will soon despair;

The future I see is all too near.

One by one they’ll drop from the sky.

And I can only ask why.


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