Homeward Bound


We would sit in my backyard in the city

On a small patch of green,

Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and

Staring upward where

Airplanes flew over the blissful sky itself

Breaching the atmosphere and

What was left of the ozone layer, too,

And then they left Earth and flew to


Where they rendezvoused with Martians

Who were willing to help the airplanes find their way home

And all the while the food was great on Mars,

But never as good as the KFC we ate

And the airplanes

Lost and lonely in space

Cried homesick tears and fought back suicide,

While thinking of KFC, family, friends, and the city they loved,

Because from Mars they observed

Beautiful azure Earth from a distance

How insignificant they seemed from this view,

Living on a pale blue dot in space,

With the sky an endless dream

Of confusion and discovery,

Then the Martians arrived with directions,

And the airplanes

Descended to Earth as swiftly as Usain Bolt on the track,

But you could barely hear the planes descending

Noise polluted the airwaves

And Andrew and I awoke to see the airplanes

Still flying above us in the free sky,

As we sat down on the small patch of green,

And heard the yelling, the shouting, and

The dream-breaking sounds of the city.


One thought on “Homeward Bound

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